shoutout to people working weekends and overnights and overtime, people working in hospitality and retail and food service, who are sacrificing time with their loved ones, so fuckers with weekday desk jobs get to live comfortably with the amenities we provide while simultaneously shitting all over us for not getting “real jobs”


Doing whatever you want as a woman =/= a feminist action this is not difficult.

Anonymous asked : why are mexicans triggering for you? is it just mexicans or is it any hispanic-looking person? serious question.



i have answered this in the FAQ

it’s basically anyone with darker features that is triggering for me. as i’ve said, it’s nothing personal, but just seeing them or even thinking about them triggers my PTSD and gives me horrible flashbacks, and then i’m on edge for either a few or hours or even the rest of the day




Well, they sure as shit tried! Hahahaha. The cis-tem TRIED to “female socialize” me but like trickle-down economics, that shit FAILED!

Some radical “feminists”, which, from my understanding, is a euphemism for transphobic assholes, love to refer to how trans…

Our society coercively applies gender to sex. I’m biologically male and you’re a bigoted piece of trash. Don’t reblog my stuff. Fuck off.

sex is a reality, not coercively assigned. 


I don’t trust anybody who insists lesbians “examine their sexuality” to include dicks.

ESPECIALLY when they don’t do this to any other “monosexual” groups.

Anonymous asked : yes I see Gender Hurts and I think it might be useful. the reviews on amazon are interesting/irritating to read. 50% are 5 star views and 50% are 1 star reviews by liberal feminists who think this way of thought is "transphobic"


Yea….that stuff really bothers me because for the most part people who think radical feminism is ‘transphobic’ really just don’t understand the politics. They’ve only been exposed to feminism and gender through the eyes of queer theory feminism, and the only mentions of radical feminism are that it is ‘transphobic’ and that’s about it. They do not understand what gender as a social construct really means, they don’t take into account the lived experiences of gender nonconforming women and lesbians, they don’t know or understand what sex based socialization is and they especially do not understand the difference between sex and gender. I’m sure if I sat down a queer theory feminist and really explained it they could at least learn to understand what it means and that it is NOT transphobic as well as the fact that they themselves could appreciate or use some of the ideas. 

A good book for you to start with might be unpacking queer politics, which is also by Jefferys. 




What the hell is it with all you radscum thinking trans women want to fuck you? Like I obviously can’t speak for any other trans woman besides myself, but radscum are among the LAST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET I would ever choose to have sex with—up there with Neo-Nazis, MRAs, and members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

YOU PEOPLE ARE UTTERLY REVOLTING. OK? So I doubt many trans women would even consent to holding hands with you, let alone consent to having sex with you. Y’all are creeps who seem to take pleasure in constantly talking about our private parts even after we tell you not to. Y’all are creeps who stalk us online and who share NAKED PICTURES OF US with other people in order to humiliate and mock us. And then you have the audacity to act like WE are the rapists? If anyone is acting like a potential rapist, if anyone is not respecting consent and boundaries, it’s you radscum. Please keep your minds out of the gutter, don’t constantly think and talk about our genitals, and don’t look at naked pictures of us. You gross perverts.

DUDE, YOU ARE NON-CONSENSUALLY SEXUALIZING US. We do NOT like you in that way. You really need to leave us alone. Not every woman in the world wants to sleep with you guys. The world does not revolve around you and your sex life. Trans women can have a problem with your abusive behavior without wanting to fuck you.

Leave us alone. You utterly disgusting creeps.

When I was in the queer community I got asked all the fucking time by trans women why lesbians weren’t interested in having sex with them and the cotton ceiling is just one more example of “What the hell is it with all you radscum thinking trans women want to fuck you”. 

I mean I’m getting tired by both the cotton ceiling rhethoric and then by the insistence that ”radscum” made it up, so I started to screencap it when it comes up on my dash, and that’s just what I’ve seen in the last 2 months:










This is not okay. This is shaming, this is coercion, and this was not invented by the women you seek to demonize.



There is literally no way that lesbianliberation is an actual radical feminist, and I even will doubt that she’s (or he, who knows with the internet) is even a lesbian. It seems like some of the shit where people create blogs to delegitimize and criminalize a movement, but I don’t know. Like, I’m not trying to say that radical feminists don’t fuck up, but this is so well, not fucking feminist? The responses, asks, etc that she sends are so outlandishly not acceptable that I honestly don’t think it’s real. 

yeah, you know what, i remember someone doing this not all that long ago. turned out to be some random guy or some shit. it probably is someone posing as a radfem again, but i also see the importance in denouncing these types of people asap just in case.

I’m guessing I have one of the bigger rad fem blogs on this site, 

I want to call troll, but I also don’t want to feel like I am brushing aside a badly behaved radical feminist, because I know other radicals aren’t always nice people.

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