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what’s this about laverne cox starting a media campaign to support a convicted rapist who abused the corpse of a 13-year-old girl?

what the actual fuck is happening??? ?? ? ?? are we all agreed that she’s a horrible human we can no longer…

This person raped and killed a girl and you want him moved to a female prison???

You literally don’t give a shit about women and girls do you?


Please stop calling Synthia China Blast a trans girl even if you are speaking against him

He never had to deal with girlhood, he never was socialized as a girl, and he will never know what it means to grow up girl

Being a girl, especially a black girl, comes with the threat of exactly what Luis Morales did to his victim, Ebony Nicole Williams


i wish everyone hadn’t forgotten that james franco is a pedophile.  it’s fucking incredible how much white men are able to get away with in this world

Anonymous asked:
so the libfems are claiming that the whole Luis Morales being a rapist/pedophile thing is transmisogynist propaganda because apparently were no sources or something?

they are grasping to defend a pedophile. nothing new from the left.

Anonymous asked:
SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT MURDER EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. She had no role in the murder whatsoever - she was called upon to clean up the scene, and could have faced serious repercussions had she not done it. She was in a gang, and faced the murder of herself and her family if she did not dispose of the body. Do some research, PLEASE. Don't let people mess with Laverne like this.


Yeahhhh tbqh when it comes down to “burn a child,” I’m not defending a single soul, not even in gang circumstances (and I have personal experience with gangs so don’t come at me defending that shit). Tbh if gang activity was involved, she probably did commit—or help commit—the murder, and you’re a damn fool for thinking otherwise. She’s probably done a lot more, too, that wasn’t ever caught. My guess is all the fucking assholes on tumblr using that as a defense have had limited if no exposure at all to actual gangs, and I’d say my exposure is limited since it’s just my brothers in gangs, not me directly, but y’all are embarrassingly “suburban leftist” about defending that shit.

And again, here we have someone who portrays Blast as some good, pour soul slandered unjustly—but have you seen the letters she wrote? The conversations people have shared? I mean, let’s say burning is all she did (horrible enough, but I guess not if you can be tokenized and immortalized as a trans icon) paired with the letters—that’s enough to make it clear she is literally extremely dangerous and aims to hurt people. She gets off on murder, obsesses on the Zodiac copycat serial killer, sets out to fuck murderers. Excuse me if don’t think this person is safe to put in a facility of women considering Blast’s horrible violent history. Excuse me if I don’t give too shits about her sob story about “no dreams” (yeah, Ebony is who has no dreams anymore, you fucking monster). Her comfort is completely irrelevant. And I’m happy she’s in a male prison (‘cause, you know, her assigned male body she uses as a tool to harm people) because it increases the chances of her receiving the punishment she deserves: abuse and death.

Cox (not Laverne, you arrogant shit, you are not her pal—respect her political status over you) needs to be taken down for this, and I am waiting on her to issue a statement. Generally, she is well-spoken and insightful, so I hope for the best. I hope she does not make excuses and crush valid criticisms with her pop culture power. But if she betrays us, she needs to go down. We cannot defend this kind of lapse in justice and morality. I am genuinely heartbroken and furious and scared that so many people are scraping and clawing at scraps of bullshit in an effort to salvage Cox’s image. Don’t be so taken by someone that you cannot acknowledge their mistakes and immorality. Be a responsible activist and call that shit out.

Nicki Minaj’s reason behind the “Anaconda” music video

"I am very concerned with the ways in which the media is covering Laverne Cox’s support of Synthia China Blast and the campaign to have safer housing for transgender people in US prisons. Blast, born Luis Morales, was convicted of the 1993 rape, murder and the abuse of the corpse of Ebony Nicole Williams who was only 13 years old. The campaign for safer housing writes this:
Synthia China Blast, an SRLP client and Prisoner Advisory Committee Member, has been incarcerated in New York for twenty-one years. Synthia identifies as a transgender Latina woman and proud native of the Bronx. Prior to incarceration, she experienced family rejection, lack of access to safe education, homelessness, police profiling and violence because she is transgender. The violent gender policing and various forms of trauma she experienced as a youth have only been reproduced and exacerbated while being held in various men’s prisons operated by the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) over the past seventeen years.
There is no mention of Blast’s final conviction for child rape and murder – instead the coverage suggests that the Blast was incarcerated for being a transwoman.
Did Blast grow up surrounded by structural violence – absolutely. He was a member of a gang and had a history of violence. But, recognizing the violence within the system which results in boys like Blast perpetuating the very violence which harmed them does not mean we can ignore the crimes they commit.
We absolutely do need to talk about the criminal justice system and it’s gross failures to rehabilitate prisoners. We need to fight to spend our defence budgets on our own communities to prevent generations of children growing up experience poverty and violence. But, this doesn’t mean that we absolve people of their responsibility in committing crimes. We can believe the system is inherently corrupt and that prisoners deserve better treatment whilst holding individual people responsible for the crimes they committed.
Blast committed child rape and murder. We cannot ignore these facts."


the use of the word “feminazi” says a lot about a man

comparing a woman’s desire to take away men’s collective ability to hurt women to genocide and facism


says how much priority he places on being able to hurt women


Porn is racist as fuck

"Spicy Latina"

"Big Black Dick"

"Submissive Asian Bitch"

"Ghetto Ho"

Do kinky people and porn watchers not see a problem with porn perpetuating racial stereotypes? Does anyone honestly believe this isn’t racist?

notcisjustwoman asked:
Holy shit, SRLP is actually trying to pretend that they didn't know he was a child rapist and killer, aren't they.

yes because ~*~*~integrity*~*~*~

"Further, we do not believe that exiling community members who inflict harm will do anything to keep our communities safer."

Translation: “We aren’t interested in any form of accountability ever.”