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vitam--aeternam-deactivated2013 asked:
Just saying, I would say about 90% of all PIV sex I've had would qualify as rape. Second wave feminism was the only thing that made me feel like I had the right to say no at any point in the process. Virtually all PIV sex is rape. Like 99% of it , lol.

Pretty much all one needs to do is look at the consequences that women who do not have piv face to realize that that social pressure alone makes it hard to agree to piv sex. Then add economic factors that women face when they aren’t with dude, corrective rape, women being told that if they are not having piv sex with a dude they can never be happy.  Women are often coerced into piv sex they don’t want. What are some of the lies we are told? That you dude will leave you and cheat on you if you do not please him? How many women find themselves in a situation where they are more afraid of what the dude will do if they say no to piv sex and just go along with it?

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